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Chips Ahoy

August 09, 2005

The staff have been digging on the rolling, whitey soul of Hot Chip for a while now, and we’ve been suitably impressed by their remixes for the Go! Team and Brooks. But it was a bit of surprise to find out their first legit remix of a “name” act would be…Bright Eyes. What the…? Who the…? Guuuh?

The Hot Chip crew take on Conor’s single “Easy Lucky/Free”, grounding it with a wash of aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhs and electronic ticks and tocks. The remix is included on the b-side to the 7-inch of “Gold Mine Gutted” and is available on iTunes (which is also the place where US residents can find Hot Chip’s album Coming On Strong). According to the Hot Chip website, the group has finished mixing their new album and will touring America in September with Four Tet. Hollerday!

Posted: August 09, 2005
Chips Ahoy