Not Focused

August 10, 2005

We apologize up front for the lack of cultural news in this post. Let's just get that on the table. But we felt like the day could not pass without bringing this to your attention. Last night, as you may have heard, a young man leapt from the upper deck of Yankee Stadium. Was he leaping in despair? Was he so saddened by the Yankees' mediocre season that he wanted to take it to that great TGIFridays in the sky? Sadly, no. It appears that he got dared. Always the best reason to do something (in fact, we're gonna start daring people to do stuff in the office just to step up our physical endangerment game.)

It wasn't even a case of "if you're friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too" because HIS FRIENDS DIDN'T JUMP OFF THE UPPER DECK. ONLY HE DID.

According to reputable news sources, the young man may have ingested more then his share of 9 dollar watery domestic brews, and with the liquid confidence that can only come in a plastic cup, he thought that jumping off the upper deck of Yankee stadium and plunging into safety netting 40 feet below would be a dynamite idea. BUT THAT'S NOT THE BEST PART. The real news is homeboy's last words to his friends were...


Classic material. And by the way, dude is fine. Otherwise, it wouldn't be funny, right? Right.

Posted: August 10, 2005
Not Focused