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Glancy Glances

August 11, 2005

Along with being one of the primary dudes responsible for our recent Misfits obsession, Chris Glancy is a heavily focused (yuk yuk) photographer. He's having a solo show at NYC's Crobar this weekend. The very mega megaclub is a perfect venue, oddly enough, as Glancy's snapshots of local artists, skaters, bros, musicians, dirtbags, et al (one of them is pictured above, swimming) capture a genuine sense of outsize, live-for-the-moment emotion.

There's going to be giant prints and surprises ("The main piece is a secret", says Glancy. "And it's huge!") as well as a performance by ARE Weapons. It's tomorrow night from 10-midnight, and y'all should definitely be there.

Posted: August 11, 2005
Glancy Glances