On That Kryptonite

August 13, 2005

CHEAH! Issue 32 of the FADER is making its way to around your way - it's our Fall Fashion spectacular, and who more flavorful to put on the cover than Purple Ribbon mastermind Big Boi and his protege Killer Mike? Nobody, that's who.

The ATLiens have been grinding in the lab and are now ready to drop next-universe heatrocks on an unsuspecting populace. FADER 32's cover feature has the lodown on all the new suff from Big, Mike, Bubba Sparxxx and the rest of the roster; we've also got some exclusive audio from the Big Boi interview for your webternet listening pleasure (click on "more" to check it). There's other online goodies from this ish on the way as well, so keep your eyes peeled and your right-click buttons cocked and ready.

Big Boi speaks on the next Outkast album, the NEXT next Outkast album, and what's really going on between him and Andre 3000 (right-click and save-as.)

Posted: August 13, 2005
On That Kryptonite