Phair’s Game

August 15, 2005

Rocking a pair of Daisy Dukes (so hot right now!), last Wednesday night Liz Phair played the first of three sold out acoustic shows at the Troubadour in Hollywood. Taking a stool next to her sideman (with curly brown ponytail, long-sleeve button-up, Converse, and other perfect sideman accoutrements) she quipped, “We’re like Mitch and Mickey.” Even those who didn’t get the reference laughed, and those who did, well they laughed extra hard to prove it.

Beginning with “Polyester Bride” from whitechocolatespaceegg, Phair drew on the complete span of her material - from the rare Girlysound sessions to her upcoming album Somebody’s Miracle. At first the crowd was respectfully adoring, but then she asked for requests and when someone yelled out for “6’11””, oh my God, she totally played “6’11””. From then on people got giddy, sing-screaming along and bombarding her between breaks in the setlist with calls of their own favorites. Phair responded to them all with a laugh or a story or sometimes the actual song. And while Phair said that this brief acoustic tour she’s on is her “chance to do this weird stuff before the album comes out and we have to get serious,” she knows how to deliver to even the most casual follower, ending the main set with “Supernova”, “H.W.C”, “Why Can’t I” and “Fuck And Run”.

Though some people seem uncomfortable (or even outraged) with the pop direction Phair’s career has taken, the woman herself seems at peace with all points within it, as she finished her final encore with “Flower”, the song with the famous last line, “I’ll fuck you ’til your dick is blue.” Exiting the club a flyer jockey tried to hand us one with the promise of “ball-crushing rock.” Dude, don’t you understand we just saw that?

Posted: August 15, 2005
Phair’s Game