Yo, What Happened To Peace? And Rakim?

August 16, 2005

Between his Dr Dre-helmed Oh My God album getting shelved, the God MC's child support woes and that somewhat disheartening gold teeth commercial ("Tell em Rakim sent you...") from a while back, the outlook on a comeback from the 18th Letter was not looking particularly bright.

So that's why today's email missive from the Spitkicker crew is such a welcome surprise. The newsletter contains a news item about Talib Kweli signing a label deal with Atlantic for his Blacksmith imprint; aside from releasing Kweli's next LP, Blacksmith is going to drop new music from Camp Lo and FINALLY get that Rakim album out.

"Say word!", says the Spitmailer. Word.

Yo, What Happened To Peace? And Rakim?