Yo, What Happened To Peace? And Rakim?

August 16, 2005

Between his Dr Dre-helmed Oh My God album getting shelved, the God MC's child support woes and that somewhat disheartening gold teeth commercial ("Tell em Rakim sent you...") from a while back, the outlook on a comeback from the 18th Letter was not looking particularly bright.

So that's why today's email missive from the Spitkicker crew is such a welcome surprise. The newsletter contains a news item about Talib Kweli signing a label deal with Atlantic for his Blacksmith imprint; aside from releasing Kweli's next LP, Blacksmith is going to drop new music from Camp Lo and FINALLY get that Rakim album out.

"Say word!", says the Spitmailer. Word.

Posted: August 16, 2005
Yo, What Happened To Peace? And Rakim?