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What’s Go-Going On

August 17, 2005

Ever since Chiaki Kuriyama’s nearly unintelligible interview with Daryl Hannah in the recent Karl Lagerfeld issue of Interview, we’ve been wondering what’s been up with our favorite mace-wielding Japanese schoolgirl. Today we got a big old update, peeping both her recent sighting at NYC’s Kid Robot, as well as the trailer for her new flick, Scrap Heaven.

The clip’s completely in Japanese, but apparently Kuriyama co-stars as a one-eyed, bomb-making pharmacist in semi-cahoots with a cop and a sanitation worker. From the visual style, we’re guessing it’s a lowbudge arthouse-y flick, and we’re with the themes (or at least, what we think are the themes): rock’n’roll, apathy, suicide, and a (failed?) heist. Importers are going to have to step their game up, though: as far as we can tell, Scrap Heaven comes out in October...but only in Tokyo. Hit us up if you’ve got more details.

Posted: August 17, 2005
What’s Go-Going On