Chopped and Screwed

August 18, 2005

Basically we love it when people call it like it is. But such a thing rarely happens in the high post postyness that is the art world, which is only one of the myriad reasons we have to give a webical high five to our man, the gallerist Gavin Brown and his new show Drunk vs. Stoned 2 (version 1 was a motherfucker).

While most of us here prefer to drown ourselves in bottomless wells of dark liquors during inappropriate hours of the day, we are still able to applaud this as a noble experiment: Brown's organizing principle is to examine how these respective intoxicants influence/fuel the artistic process. Included in the pan-generational show are faves like Jim Drain, Dearraindrop, Robert Crumb, Elizabeth Peyton and Jeremy Deller.

Never one to just stop at the white walls, Brown also has some additional tidbits, including a stoned drawing party on August 27, a 24 hours “superjam” on Sept 4th, an upcoming “drugs” film program and a blastoff Drunk vs. Stoned soccer match on Sept 7th. (US men’s soccer team, take heart - no matter what happens tonight, there’s a place for you here.) Next up: Shrooming vs. Ate Too Many Pickles At Lunch - and yo, it's a toss up!

Posted: August 18, 2005
Chopped and Screwed