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Chocolate And Cheese

August 22, 2005

A lot of folks might only know Ween from their decidedly addled blend of musical comedy and Pennsylvania stoner jamz. While the tokes-n-jokes are cool and all, make no mistake: Gene and Dean get their shred on, and they did just that this past Saturday at the Knitting Factory, at a show put on by Thrasher and Boost Mobile. 'Member when Thrasher would print articles about how to cheat on tests and forge notes from your parents? That was rad. But we digress.

Their set ran through Ween fan favorites such as "The Mollusk", "Roses Are Free", "Voodoo Lady", "Freedom of ‘76" (aka the Spike Jonze vid where they steal the Liberty Bell), "Zoloft", "Transdermal Celebration", and "Happy Colored Marbles", among others. Puff puff give.

Posted: August 22, 2005
Chocolate And Cheese