Chef Wu-Ar-Dee

August 25, 2005

Our correspondents are fucking ACES. Just had to put that out there. We desperately tried to make it out to Canal Room last night for a performance by Raekwon, backed by Truth & Soul Records' El Michaels Affair (who you may have read about somewhere), but got caught up in exhaustion from last minute grinding - magazines don't write themselves! Although we missed out on a great show, our people more than picked up the slack. More live pics from Adrianna and a blogsclusive IM wrapup from the one and only Pesky after the jump.

PESKY: yo rae kinda did his thing last night
PESKY: live band
PESKY: pete rock doing his intro...
PESKY: it was real 96 up in that bitch
PESKY: but tight
PESKY: real tight
PESKY: and i was almost sober
THEFADER: hahaha
THEFADER: "almost"
PESKY: you know what i mean
PESKY: like 3 drinks in
PESKY: nothing to get me unnaturally hype on some highschool shit
PESKY: he really rocked it
PESKY: true he was hammered
PESKY: and stopped a couple of songs in the middle to give shout outs to "his niggas in the band" who were all white
PESKY: but over all
PESKY: heat
THEFADER: should have gone
THEFADER: sleep was too strong
PESKY: all good
PESKY: i didn't get home till like 3
PESKY: and now i'm beat as a mother
PESKY: but it was worth it
PESKY: kids were freaking out
PESKY: kadafi showed
PESKY: capone
PESKY: buckshot
PESKY: 3 or 4 random wu disciples
PESKY: i mentioned pete
PESKY: it was kinda fly
THEFADER: so the band learned all his songs and shit?
PESKY: yeah
PESKY: in a day, apparently
PESKY: glaciers of ice was bananas
PESKY: as was heaven or hell
PESKY: i kinda lost it when they did verbal intercourse right into eye for an eye
PESKY: rae did his and nas's verses
THEFADER: can i run your IM as a concert review?
PESKY: do it!!

Posted: August 25, 2005
Chef Wu-Ar-Dee