Throw Ya Gunz

August 25, 2005

We got a press release earlier this week proclaiming "Cam'ron Stages Massive 6-Minute Shoot-Out In Brooklyn As Part of His Upcoming Gangsta Musical Killa Season."

To recap: Dipset, staged discharge of firearms, "Gangsta Musical". Where else were you going to find us on a Thursday afternoon?

Killa Season is the title of Cam's eagerly anticipated new solo album (his first under an ultra-lucrative Dipset Records deal with Asylum), and the eponymous "gangsta musical" will weave together videos for four songs from that LP, along with some narrative bits. Kinna like Trapped In The Closet but with more gats and less insight into Robert Kelly's subconscious.

Juelz had a kleenex stuffed in his nostril whenever the cameras were off, not because he was reenacting our favorite Source cover of all time (the Redman Dare Iz A Darkside issue, we tried to find that shit but apparently Google image search isn't fucking with "real hip hop"), but because he had a cold. "My son gave it to me," explained Human Crack. Way to go, Juelz Jr.

Did we mention there were lots of guns? AK-47s are LOUD. We didn't get to shoot any (or get the fancy ear protectors), but it's ok - neither did Un Kasa.

If what we saw was any indication, Killa Season is going to be rad (and we are NOT easily impressed, just generally enthusiastic). No word yet if Cam's gangsta musical will hit Broadway if the DVD goes well, but our fingers are crossed - in the same way Jim Jones makes the "One Eyed Willie" hand sign, of course.

Speaking of, where was Jimmy? Do we need to issue a GoonieAlert?

Posted: August 25, 2005
Throw Ya Gunz