Romanekian vs Gondryish

August 31, 2005

Along with narration from the Greatest Rapper Alive, Mark Romanek's upcoming volume of the Director's Label series contains a documentary about said dude named Romanekian. That title comes from a Ben Stiller comment (hopefully made in jest, we can't tell when he is being "funny" anymore) that, much like pieces of art owing to the vision of Stanley Kubrick being called "Kubrickian", work influenced by Romanek should be called "Romanekian".

Although we look forward to clowning misguided people who tell us that images by Nan Goldin and Joel-Peter Witkin are very "Romanekian" in the future, we think a more likely trend is the rise of "Gondryish" art. Take these two recent examples indebted to Mr Michel: the Dougal Wilson video for LCD Soundsystem's "Tribulations" and the trailer for the adaptation of Everything Is Illuminated.

We're not saying, we're just saying.

Posted: August 31, 2005
Romanekian vs Gondryish