Value Pac-ed

September 01, 2005

We recently had the pleasure to take in a special screening of the forthcoming Tupac Shakur: Live At The House Of Blues, DVD which captures 'Pac's last recorded live performance before he was killed. The DVD opens with a half dozen tracks by Shakur and his Outlawz crew; viewers are also treated to a lengthy Snoop Dogg performance, as he and the Dogg Pound throw down tracks from the Doggfather era (we like to call that his "blue" period). Some more observations after the jump.

1. It's not surprising that the film begins with a voiceover. But we were expecting some solemn prologue or something, poetically detailing the tragic future that lay ahead for Pac. Instead it’s a couple girls talking about how they want to bang him. He’s been dead for a minute now! That’s gross!

2. Pac seemed WAY more into performing tracks like the notorious “Hit Em Up” (dis track hardly describes that one) then he did the apologetic “Never Call U Bitch Again.”

3. While we are huge fans of Nate Dogg’s smooth vocals, there’s something suspect about a dude dressed up like the Monopoly man, looking bored, singing about getting his balls licked. Let’s just leave it at that.

Posted: September 01, 2005
Value Pac-ed