Shoplifters Of The World Unite

September 06, 2005

No doubt, coming back to work today was like getting attacked by a cobra. An unfortunate turn of events to say the least. But let our weekly new release roundup (after the jump) be your CD snakebite cure. Apply liberally as needed.

Two of NYC's favorite rock and roll beat combos, Blood On The Wall and Black Dice, release new dope on plastic today; for that dive bar blues, BOW has the awesome Awesomer, while fans of BD's free-form aquarium sounds can get wet to Broken Ear Record. With Searching For A Former Clarity, Against Me unleashes another round of Jam-via-Jawbreaker (Jambreaker?) pop-punk gunk on unsuspecting young hearts. Also, The Roling Stones have a new one called A Bigger Bang, which is apparently their best one...since the last one. Snatch that out of your dad's man-purse.

On the hip-hop end of the spectrum, Dipset production maestros the Heatmakerz officially release their debut CD, Crack Vol.1, featuring Jim, Cam, Santana and Game. It's more then music, you know. Also check for fresh rappy rap from QB MC AZ, who dropped the surprisingly solid (and capital letter-filled!) A.W.O.L. today, along with a new instrumental incarnation of Madlib in the form of the Beat Konducta.

Posted: September 06, 2005
Shoplifters Of The World Unite