Permanent Records

September 08, 2005

We recently teamed up with Coke Classic and Fuse to ask FADER blog readers to send in their best ten-song playlists, with the winner getting a chance to guest DJ our weekly radio jump on East Village Radio and be filmed for Fuse's Daily Download. After the jump, check some record-related recaps on the whole thing from our contest winner, Steven Villereal.

"Now that I possess almost two weeks of 'critical distance', I think it's safe to wax nostalgic about my guest stint on The FADER's EVR show. I reckon a good time was had by all. I had somewhat forgotten about the Fuse cable TV documentation that was scheduled to go down, so that was a pleasant surprise. The EVR studio, though charming, is quite small - DJing, being filmed, and cavorting with Mr. Catchdubs (all at once!) made the experience a little bit like working in a submarine. Tight quarters, good times.

I had intended to play records by both Spoonie Gee and Schoolly D, but forgot
the Spoonie Gee.

In all, the most important lesson I learned from this whole experience is that
it is important to read blogs while at work, and then send playful and enthusiastic emails to the editors and maintainers of the blogs you enjoy - it's
how I became both a winner and a momentary DJ. Thanks FADER! K/I/T! Have A Great Summer! Don't Ever Change!!!"

Posted: September 08, 2005
Permanent Records