Message In A Bottle

September 08, 2005

Six nights out of seven, you can catch intrepid FADER reporters in the clubs and crates, dirtying up our snazzy fedoras that say "Press" in the hat band with some All The Presidents Men-level grinding. Which means we sometimes miss out on some of weeknight TV's more vital moments. But last night was a night-off for us and we got to get hip to the phenomenon that is Lost, the first season of which got a DVD release on Tuesday. Yes, please send our late-pass to West 23rd St, we know.

This shit is OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. Why were we not up on its Twilight Zone meets Gilligan's Island meets Party Of Five potency?! You've got the dude who couldn't walk being able to walk, doling out some survivalist/Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now jive, the dude from Oz trying to be daddy of the year, and a weird monster/alien thing - which could be either a bunch of big wild boars or a runaway Amtrak train - tearing up the place. We've gotta buy a case of Red Bull and black out the windows to finish the 24 episodes on the DVD set before Season Two blows what little of our minds remain on September 21.

(Also: The repeated takes on the airplane crash, told from multiple perspectives, is not putting us in any rush to cash in our Jet Blue miles. Chinatown bus 4 life.)

Posted: September 08, 2005
Message In A Bottle