Underground Kings

September 16, 2005

Laffayette Street is no stranger to imported Houston heat these days, but yesterday at Joe's Pub set the bar real high for any future TX follow-ups: an all-night tribute to DJ Screw, featuring the Screwed Up Click (Hawk, ESG, Lil Keke and Lil O), the Grit Boyz, Short Dawg and Red Handed, with our dudes DJ Chill and Rapid Ric DJing and none other than Bun B serving as host for the entire evening.

Although he didn't perform any songs, the room belonged to Bun, who took time to shout out both Down Magazine and Ozone (even though neither of those mags were the evening's sponsor - GANGSTER!) and show love to his homie and ours, Matt Sonzala, who worked to put the whole show together with NYC's own Oxy Cottontail.

The Grit Boys and Short Dawg opened, and their brief sets were extremely focused. We had never heard of Russel Simmons's new artist before, but Shorty's set was surprisingly enjoyable - almost as much of a surprise as how many Grit Boys songs we actually knew the words to. DRANK IN MY CUP! MAN HOLD UP! (Thanks, Afta Da Relays).

Lil O and Lil Keke recieved the same singalong treatment for "I Do" and "Platinum In The Ghetto" - we had to break out before the rest of the SUC could perform, but we're pretty confident that their sets would have had us rapping along just as intently, sipping our $9 Coronas like it was the barre.

And before we forget, gotta take a moment to highlight DJ Chill's t-shirt, advertising his new TV show (Urban Talent Showcase, which will air Fridays on Fox 26 starting September 30th) - TUNE IN, TEXAS!

Posted: September 16, 2005
Underground Kings