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Southpaw Grammar

September 19, 2005

Saturday night we got together with our pals at Triple Five Soul and Turntable Lab to present the NYC (or, um...Park Slope) edition of the Soul Sessions tour, featuring DJ sets from Hollertronix and DJ Assault and a live performance from Bun B. As expected, the combustible combination of Houston, Philly, and Detroit (in Brooklyn!) packed Southpaw and made for an amazing night of tunes.

The club was up for anything, and the Tronix duo did not dissappoint - their dancehall segment was our favorite, with Low Budget dropping Kopa Riddim bangers and Diplo (who spends as much time looking for extra-medium jerseys as he does weirdo club jams) busting out the UK reggae version of the Crazy Frog song.

Diplo stayed on the decks to DJ for Bun B, who took the stage in a custom tee reading "Pray 4 The Hurricane Victims", and led the crowd in a "Fuck FEMA, Fuck Bush" chant before running through everything from "Let Me See It" and "Pocket Full Of Stones" to a selection of his guest verse greatest hits. The King Of The Trill ended with a triumphant "Draped Up" before heading backstage to talk about future projects with Diplo and the finalized tracklisting for his solo LP - we're keeping our fingers crossed for the sample clearances!

DJ Assault followed up with pulverizing Detroit ghettotech tracks ("Ass N Titties", a bunch of other joints that sound like "Ass N Titties"), scratching away and even venturing out from behind the turntables to lead the crowd in shout-alongs - "SOAP..AND WATER! SOAP AND WATER!" - until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Intense. Consider us Soul Session-ed.

Posted: September 19, 2005
Southpaw Grammar