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Basement Beats

September 20, 2005

We were fuckin psyched to find that, as previously reported, Minneapolis / St Paul crew Oddjobs had remade themselves as some kind of intense lunatic purposefully angry (it's not just angst!) hip-hop group called Kill The Vultures. So we went to go check their show in the bombed out dankness of North Six's basement this past Saturday.

Anatomy sat on a rickety table, straddling his often-skittish MPC and playing all the dark-ass jazz samples live, while the three MCs stomped and clapped and - fuck a microphone - yelled out lyrics. This shit is like twisted meltdown music, and each MC would, in turn, seem to have no choice but to collapse on the bench behind the non-stage, head-in-hands, trying desperately to breathe and hold his shit together mentally for the next verse or song or stompfest while Anatomy looked totally serene. Of course the dude that made all those paranoid beats can't exactly have a cool, calm and collected interior, but the MCs really wear theirs on their sleeves. It was scary and huge in all its 30 person, capacity crowd tininess, and all there's left to say is, if they come near you, wear shoes with decent soles and go stomp along.

Posted: September 20, 2005
Basement Beats