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Bloc Rocking

September 20, 2005

Our pals in Bloc Party hit the Jay Leno stage tonight to perform the thoroughly awesome "Helicopter," BP's latest US single from Silent Alarm (there's also an animated video for it on MTV2, but we're just going to keep pretending it doesn't exist).

In a matter of weeks, the band will be releasing a brand new, non-LP single, "Two More Years", backed with a remix of "Banquet" by Mike Skinner that's absolutely insane - he throws in half time drums, but raps directly over Kele's vocals, "Holla"-style, talking about stealing Jo Whiley's mic to make mad classics. We're with that! We're with the grime remix of "Positive Tension" by Statik and Flirta D even more, unfortunately it only seems to exist on lo-fi mp3 rips from radio shows. Break us off with a CD-R! Can we swap back the Nick Zinner remix or something?

Posted: September 20, 2005
Bloc Rocking