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Still Tippin

September 21, 2005

Almost four months after asking "where the hell are the Stills?" we finally get an email update from their kind press folks, including handy bullet points and tour dates! We will cut and paste them for y'all after the jump.

Here's what the email said:



* Newly evolved line-up

* Early tour to play out new material

* Album nearly complete to come out in 2006

The Stills have been recording their follow up to 2003's popular Logic Will Break Your Heart and will head off on a Canadian tour in September to play the new material, complete with two new members, one less member and a singing drummer that plays guitar. Confused? See below for details.

After being in the studio for months recording the new material, the Stills have decided to take the new music on the road to test it out. The band is filled with a new energy, as the new songs have taken them in a more mature and imaginative direction. They'll also be touring with various friends of theirs (The Arts & Crafts Label and Broken Social Scene side projects: Jason Collett, Apostle Of Hustle, Most Serene Republic. They will also be doing a number of dates supporting Sloan at Canadian colleges.) for the duration of this tour. As for the line up changes, Dave Hamelin, who played drums previously in the Stills, has always been the main songwriter for the band and has stepped out from behind the drumkit to share vocal and guitar duties with Tim Fletcher. Greg Paquet (the other previous guitarist) has decided to leave the group for the time being (an amicable split, no drama). Collin Brooks (ex Sea Ray) will replace Hamelin on drums for this tour, and Liam O'Neill (who had played keyboards on tour) is now a full time member of the band.

Early tour dates below. Record dropping 2006 on Vice Records.

21-Sep STFX Uni, Antigonish w/Sloan
22-Sep UPEI, Charlottetown w/Sloan
23-Sep Dalhousie UNI open campus w/Sloan
24-Sep University of New Brunswick w/Sloan
25-Sep Nord Ouest, Trois Rivieres
27-Sep Peter Clarke Hall, Gueph (Uni) w/Sloan
28-Sep AJ's, Kingston w/The High Dials
30-Sep The Ford Plant, Brantford w/High Dials
01-Oct Call The Office, London w/Magnetta Lane

Posted: September 21, 2005
Still Tippin