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September 22, 2005

Yesterday we put you on to the current happening of the Stills, but the other band who's whereabouts were presently unknown was the Rapture. Though there were scattered updates about a month ago, actual music hasn't really been forthcoming until now, with the Rapture monkeys contributing a remix on the new Supersystem 12-inch for "Miracle" (out next Tuesday).

Post-Echoes, some conjecturers made it sound like DFA had forced them at gun point to listen to Marshall Jefferson and get into things like "beats," and though the Rapture have not announced who will produce their next album and have described the songs they are working on as more "melodic" and "soulful" and that they "hate when people call it dance music", we must say, this remix sounds "dancey."

Posted: September 22, 2005