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Fashion News Bulletin: Memphis Bleek Is Mad

September 22, 2005

In a recent interview, the Roc-A-Fella lieutenant/hall monitor declared, "This is the last day you gonna see me in something colorful. From here on out it's all black." Was he mouring the end of fashion week? Is Bleek bereft at the lack of Jack Spade jumpoffs?

Nope. The perpetually one-hit-away rapper is just jumping in the dust storm that his breadwinning bro Jay-Z has kicked up with his upcoming "I Declare War" concert, during which, sources claim, Jay will in fact declare war on other rappers. We suppose Bleek is switching from banana yellow to funeral black in reference to all the MCs he and Jay (translation: Jay) are about to decapitate. When queried as to what bottomless pit of bile this hate for the Roc came from, Professor M-Easy said, "I think it's because people try and try so long to outdo us instead of just doing them. Maybe if they just try to do them, they would be bigger than us. They gotta understand this is not a fad here. We ain't going nowhere. No matter how much the game changes, I am the game. I change with it."


FADER scientists are feverishly working on the space time implications involved in Bleek's claim that he is the game, and the game changes as he changes. BECAUSE HE IS THE GAME. We're going to up our Sparks intake and see if we can't get you good people some results by tomorrow.

Posted: September 22, 2005
Fashion News Bulletin: Memphis Bleek Is Mad