Game On

October 07, 2005

What lockout?! Our erstwhile correspondent Drew wants the world to know that NY hockey was welcomed back with open arms last night.

Sure, the boyz in blue (and red) might lost in a nail biter in OT - but everyone was happy to be home. The Rangers had sweaters made that said "Thank You" on them for warm up and then gave them to season ticket holders who came on the ice for the national anthem. Adam Graves returned to the Garden to do a ceremonial puck drop with a couple who celebrated their 50th year with season tickets, and Ranger legends were in the house throwing out rubber pucks in the old blue seats. And Stacey's Mom was there!

Says Drew: "After a few 'Potvin Sucks' cheers, a few 'asshole' taunts toward the ref and one fight in the stands in the 3rd...I knew it was good to be back." NEW YORK! NEW YORK!

Posted: October 07, 2005
Game On