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Piano Girl

October 11, 2005

MTVs Unplugged series has created many a classic tube-ular moment. Who can forget LL's Right Guard crusties as he he ripped the acoustic "Mama Said Knock You Out?" Or what about Eddie Vedder bombing his own system, putting pro-choice graffiti on his arm? That was the realest shit he ever wrote!

Well, the head mistress of soul (we just bestowed that nickname on her, so hit us with any relevant royalties) Alicia Keys went and revived Unplugged like the musical cardiologist she is. The album version (and show DVD) just dropped today and made us happy to be alive.

Keys tickles ivories and plucks our heartstrings as she glides through living room bangers like "Unbreakable," (OFFICIAL OFFICE JAM OF THE DAY AWARD), "If I Ain't Got You," (that joint will choke a dude up), and "You Don't Know My Name," (you think Mos still goes to that diner?)

There's also an Adam Levine-assisted take on the Stones' standard, "Wild Horses," that falls somewhere between Toni Braxton and a Holiday Inn lounge act - which is also, somehow, pretty dope! Golf clap! The only gripe we have is this: Alicia is obviously on some Bobby Fischer prodigy shit as she holds down vocals, piano, keys and audience banter. So why does she need the motherlovin' Arsenio Hall Band [ed. note: The Michael Wollf Band is in no way affiliated with this program] on backup duty?! Steve Mostyn is no doubt a whiz on the boom stick, BUT ENOUGH WITH THE FRETLESS BASS FACE, BRO! You ain't the star, Keys is!

Posted: October 11, 2005
Piano Girl