Bounty Killer

October 16, 2005

We went to go check out Domino this weekend. Don't laugh! If you can't reserve even the tiniest space in your heart for Tony Scott and his incomparable Tony Scottosity, there's no reason for us to be friends anymore.

Seriously though, this dude went from lensing arty David Bowie vampire movies to defining overly styled, Reganomic Hollywood excess with Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II. He kept it alive with 90s joints like The Last Boy Scout and Tarantino collab True Romance, and now spends his days willfully parodying the whole oveure with the Tony Scott 2K steelo: color-saturated, hyperactive flicks which are equal parts scathing commentary on Hollywood ultraviolence and glorious celebration of same.

With his latest project, Scott ups the ante even further by bringing Richard Kelly into the mix (the film is Kelly's first post-Donnie Darko effort to get a release) and hiring his most inspired supporting cast to date; everyone from Christopher Walken to Tom Waits to Ian Ziering gets in on the scenery-chewing fun, and our bro bro Caramanica shines in a co-starring role (all chuckles aside, the resemblence is UNCANNY). The combination makes for a heavily buttered action flick filled to bursting with over-the-top pop culture references and homages to equally amazing trash classics like Point Break.

Domino might have only opened at #6 on the weekend box office charts, and no less a cineaste than Kurt Loder panned it, but we had a good-ass time watching Kiera Knightley play with nunchucks and shoot people. This year has already blessed us with one over-the-top comic book explosion featuring girls with guns and Mickey Rourke, why not enjoy a second helping?

Posted: October 16, 2005
Bounty Killer