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Let It Fly

October 18, 2005

We always used to have trouble getting through the video of Feist's "Mushaboom" on her official site without buffering problems, but we weren't that jazzed about what we saw anyway. That being said, we put on a happy face when we were alerted that one of our fav young directors Patrick Daughters had taken a break from doing Kings Of Leon videos to handle a new version for Ms Leslie. And this bohemian Mary Poppins take does not disappoint. Plus plus, this time out Daughters keeps the hair out of her face, and if we do say, she look boo-ti-ful. Seeing the actual video isn't all that easy, but follow these steps:

Go to this site

Go to Directors

Go to Black Dog as the company

Go to Patrick Daughters

Go to Spot Index

Go to Feist "Mushaboom"


Posted: October 18, 2005
Let It Fly