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Week In/Week Out

October 21, 2005

It's the weekend. You have two options: go home, drink a bottle of pinot and wonder why life is passing you by like your name was Fat Lip OR put your makeup on and do your hair up pretty and hit the town. We know what we're doin' (mmmm...white wine and Labcabincalifornia) but that shouldn't stop you from pumping money into your city's nightlife industry. Spend them ends!

New Yorkers, tonight is the night where you should actually go dancing. You know how you roll; another night, another bar, another, "Awww, I wish we were dancing!" convo...and then you just remain stapled to the barstool. RECTIFY THAT. This is day one of your new life, starring Jennifer Beals as you. Aaron LaCrate and Low Budget are gonna make people's privates pop with the Bmore Gutter Music release party at Luke & Leroy while JD Twitch of Optimo headlines the new monthly party at Don Hills called NIGHTtime. Talk about it, be about it!

Los Angelenos, Saturday is on some edgy-but-still-NPR-approved-stizz. Daniel Lanois, the legendary producer who cannot be described without the wrod, "atomospheric" being thrown around somewhere, is playing with Tortoise (yes! them!) at the Avalon. Elsewhere in town (The Troubador, to be specific), Gogol Bordello does the damn Ukranian/pan-global thing at The Troubador. Zesty!

Chi-city, ya know, you folks can go check for LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean at the Vic Theatre. Feel free, it will be some good times. But just don't get ahead of yourself; your White Sox play the Astros in the World Series Saturday. James Murphy will be back, the World Series only seems to hit your town once every 80-something years! Play the odds!

Posted: October 21, 2005
Week In/Week Out