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New Roots

October 24, 2005

This week, UK heads (and savvy importers) get treated to a duo of new heaters from Roots Manuva. The Awfully De/EP single is an amazing six-track release featuring the brand new beats of "Seat Yourself" (complete with a Diplo remix), a newly-recorded version of "Awfully Deep" with Damon Albarn on keys and vox, and a "Metronomy mix" that is described by Big Dada as "silly but in a kind of sublime way." Yes!

Mr. Manuva also supplies a heavily-focused tracklisting for the latest edition of Back To Mine. Joints from Roots's own artists Ricky Ranking and Jimmy Screech sit next to old school hip-hop, surprising Dungeon Family album cuts, and recent UK rap gems from Taz and Wiley. The comp gets an official stateside release in December, but why wait?

Posted: October 24, 2005
New Roots