A Night Out With Esthero

October 27, 2005

When Esthero asked us to hit the town with her last night, we were thinking some green tea here, some DJ Krush there, maybe a little shit-talk on rival alterna-hop divas in between. So when we pulled up at Damon Dash’s Tiret watch release party, we kept our cool (but geeked out with the “Dame Dash WHAT?!?” text messages). It gets better though.

Dame: Have you been watching the show?

Esthero: What show? I live in Canada.

Dame: Get caught up (hands her an Ultimate Hustler DVD).

Esthero: Have you been listening to my album?

Dame: What album?

Esthero: Get caught up (hands Dash a copy of Wikked Lil' Grrrls).

Unfortunately, while we were having visions of the Dash hologram 24/7 on the office T.V., Esthero wouldn’t let us grab her a DVD (as if you have time to watch reality shows when you’re opening for John Legend!)

We would have pursued the issue further, if it wasn’t for the fact that none other than Kumar Pallana (aka Pagoda aka Mr. Little Jeans of Wes Anderson film fame), walked through the door with none other than Vikram Chatwal, Dream Hotel owner and, um, new Esthero fan. Half an hour and a few plates of hors d’oeuvrs later, we found ourselves bumping at Sarafina (on the first floor of the Dream) with Pagoda in tow. And what, pray-tell, are they playing on the hi-fi? “Akon and Young Jee-ZAY, tryna take it ee-ZAY!”

The rest of the night’s a blur – we’ve got a napkin with Kumar’s website written on it, some Polaroids, a wristband from Spirit, and a vague memory of muggin’ with Little X, who turned a year older last night. All we’ve got to say is that, Jager shots aside, Esthero treated us damn well for the smart, hyper-conscious b-girl that she is.

Posted: October 27, 2005
A Night Out With Esthero