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More Pumpkins

October 27, 2005

This evening, the folks at Spencer Brownstone are throwing a pumpkin-themed event called The Patch from 6-8pm at their gallery on 39 Wooster St.

The Jeezy gourd will not be making an appearance, but you will be able to check all manner of posty, artsy carvings from the likes of Richard Agerbeek, David Aron, As Four, Hope Atherton, Isabel Asha, Darren Bader, Tom Borgese, Chris Bundy, Joseph Burwell, Alejandro Cardenas, Ben Cho, Susan Ciancolo, Bjorn Copeland, Jeff Davis, Pia Dehne, Jack Early, Greg Foley, Phil Frost, Michael Foronda, John Furgason, Jeff Gable, Hope Gangloff, Amy Gartrell, Gordon Hull, Tim Hull, Taka Imamura, Matt Keegan, Rosalie Knox, Darren Kraft, Andrew Kuo, Greg Krum, Humberto Leon, Sadie Laska, Glynnis McDaris, Kenzo Minami, Carlyle Micklus, Mark Orange, Patrick O'Dell, Andre Razo, Athena Razo, Judy Rifka, Frankie Santoro, Jason Search, David Sherry, Spencer Sweeney, Kon Trubkovitch, Dirk Westpahal, and Amy Yao. Damn that's a lot of names we pasted. Our Google hits are about to be insane.

Posted: October 27, 2005
More Pumpkins