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Sniffin On Some Syzurp

October 28, 2005

Last night, if you were a homo sapien with a sense of smell, then you noticed the overwhelmingly pleasant perfume of maple syrup wafting around the city from Harlem to Wall Street. The Office of Emergency Management has been investigating said smell, and while they say air tests show no signs of foul play, they can't pinpoint the cause.

(Interestingly enough, residents of Greenwich, Connecticut reported an overwhelming smell of pancakes throughout the northwest parts of the city, and Dover, Delaware neighborhoods were abuzz over the heady smell of bacon throughout the city between the hours of 8:30pm and midnight. The Albany police department has reported riots in certain sections of the city, with residents in arms over the smell of eggs that were, apparently, scrambled and not, in fact, over easy.)

Posted: October 28, 2005
Sniffin On Some Syzurp