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Something To Talk About

November 03, 2005

No, the picture above of Spoon dude Britt Daniel, and blues momma Bonnie Raitt is not snatched from some kinda Cobrasnake At The NPR Fund Raising Gala site. Though that really was the jam! Shout to Terry Gross! The above piece of expert photoshoppery is just there to call attention to some new Spoon jams, one of which, "It Took A Rumor To Make Me Wonder Now I'm Afraid I'm Going Under," is a direct reference to Raitt's bar-room classic, "Something To Talk About."

The Raitt-checking cut (which sadly includes no Michelob cracking slide guitar solos) is one of the B-Sides to Spoon's new UK single, "Sister Jack." "It Took A Rumor..." and the other b-side, "Monkey Feelings," kinda remind our ears of the minimal art-pop style the Austin group rocked on their overlooked major label album, A Series Of Sneaks. That means they are mad good. Don't deny yourself any longer. Let's just hope that the above post triggers some sort of Daniel-Raitt collabo, in the vein of Jack White and Loretta Lynn's love fest. Respect thy elders, people.

Posted: November 03, 2005
Something To Talk About