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Stop Spellin

November 04, 2005

We haven’t really been watching NBA Week on the Wheel o’ Fortune, pretty much because we’ve been watching NBA Week on...the NBA (and cuz there’s only so much fun that can come of Walton family game night.) But after Carmelo fouled out against the Gold and Purp so he could hit up the phonics, our interest got piqed.

Last night, Melo faced off against Kenny Smith, Baron Davis, and three short people – and shit didn’t really go down like we thought it would. Carmelo lost, the short people knew how to spell, and the funniest moment was a commercial for this dome-stick. But thanks to Al Gore, we still have the pre-Wheel online shit-talk between Carmelo and Kenny for posterity. While Carmelo drops science on his Wheel technique (“You gotta know when to buy a vowel and when not to”) and pops his collar for charity (check the tape!), Kenny gets deep with the pronouns (“I’m the best...I’m an NBA chamption...I’m a great point guard”) and pulls out the surprise double-diss on Carmelo and Davis (“They don’t have an idea of how to win yet”). Beef!

As for tonight, we really have nothing to say, except that Stoudemire is definitely up to no-good with the spell-spell.

Posted: November 04, 2005
Stop Spellin