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Sound Of The City Of God

November 10, 2005

Braziliacaphiles of New York! Tonight at Tonic, Rob Mazurek of Chicago Underground collective plays with a group known as the Sao Paulo Underground. Mazurek, a cornetist who is also a lapptopperist and a sampler of electric eels (among other things), is married to a Brazilian scientist and thusly thusly, lives in Sao Paulo.

We have no idea what the group sounds like, but we bet they like to think of playing music as "organizing sound" and not "playing music." The lineup is Mauricio Takara (drums, laptop), Guilherme Granado (samplers, percussion and voice) and Mazurek (cornet and electronics). Last time we saw Mazurek play at Tonic, he and his Black Goat Ensemble made a furiously hellish racket, we got wasted on Jameson, and all was awesome. If we weren't going to be buried under a pile of work tonight, we'd be there times a zillion. Go check it for us and report back! Start a blog or something!

Posted: November 10, 2005
Sound Of The City Of God