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Don’t Watch Him, Watch TV

November 17, 2005

Get your TiVo's set for P, shut-in's. Pharrell (aka Skateboard P)
is closing Late Night With David Letterman tonight, promoting his new album, In My Mind (dropping in like a month...we hope). Even though we’ve got our own Pharrell favorites we'd like to hear and see (“Provider”! “Maybe”! Hell, how bout the beat from “Grimey”!), dude’s probably gonna perform his new Gwen Stefani-hooked “Can I Have It Like That” (or “Angel,” from the R+B “side” of the album/mind). A little bit less predictable is his wardrobe for the evening. Trucker hat? BAPE ish? Or BAPE-ish AND trucker hat?!?! A nation waits with bated breath.

Posted: November 17, 2005
Don’t Watch Him, Watch TV