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Live From 23rd Street

December 06, 2005

Pictures of adorably big-haired lads with shining bookbags and a-may-zing scarves can only mean one thing - the return of our on-the-street digicam fashion feature. Step your style game up enough and maybe you'll make it in one of these days.

We didn't know that they were making jackets out of yeti these days (Chewbacca, be very very afraid) but according to our British comedienne friend Sarah, the stuff will definitely keep Jack Frost from nibbling at your buns. Since most New York chicks have thrown in the towel on the whole "cute" factor by now, this purple haze of a jacket came to us like a light at the end of a dark tunnel of winter drabness--all hairy and huge. That kind of dedication to staying fly always gets our vote, even if--by her own admission--Sarah looks like a big wet rat when it rains.

It usually takes a few fashion mistakes to get the whole vintage thing popping--a pair of 501s here, a leisure suit there--the kind of rite of passage stuff that comes along with buying your first bra. But 18 year old Elliot is obviously a natural, and has probably been raiding old Uncle Scottie's wardrobe for pre-war gear for some time--check out the bonnie prince Charlie beret! Just goes to show that fresh face-edness accessorized with old man attire is always a fashion plus.

Posted: December 06, 2005
Live From 23rd Street