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November 18, 2005

Last night found us at Gavin Brown's Project Space for a triple header psych-rock explosion: 1) the show art work of the Boredoms' Eye Yamataka and 2-3) a performance by Eye and our man Hisham Bharoocha, performing under the name, GaTax - and that would be short for "Galaxy Tax," folks. We were happy to be huddled round with assorted beardos and wierdos, generally jamming out to the GaTax swooshes, screams, whoops and crescendos.

But what really fully blew our collective minds was a) Eye's hot pink penis collage:

and b) his "Mr Dr Dog" drawing:

Do we hear a split 7-inch calling? Do we?... Do we?

Posted: November 18, 2005
Eye Witness News