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November 23, 2005

The Alternative Nation section on your DVD collection isn't worth the IKEA shelving it was built on if you're not packing Björk's Volumen and Radiohead's 7 Television Commercials. That's a no duh-er right there, but while Thommy Yorke and the boys haven't commercially released any of their dysptopian moving pictures post-OK Computer (seriously, stop playing guys, you're being ridiculous) our lady of Iceland has been on point with the addendums—first Volumen Plus and now Medulla Videos, which just dropped a week or two ago. Four of the five clips are that visually intense art school jizz dream style she's been working hard lately, but then there is Spike Jonze's take on "Triumph Of A Heart" and OMG IT JUST MIGHT BE THE BEST VIDEO WE'VE EVER FUCKING SEEN! THE CAT DANCES AND DRIVES A CAR! BJORK GETS DRUNK AND HEARTS COME OUT OF HER MOUTH AND...oh crap we just spit all over our computer screen. There's also a quasi-mockumentary on the making of said video that feels way Jonzish, but it's credited to Ragnheidur Gestsdóttir who we've actually exchanged emails with, so we're pretty sure we didn't get Spike'd.

Also, in the new issue of our fair magazine Björk talks about Drawing Restraint 9, the new film she's made with her life partner Matthew Barney. Honestly we just like hearing her talk, so we've uploaded some choice audio nugz for you to check out. Right click mp3 blah blah bliggidy blah.

Posted: November 23, 2005