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Whistle While You Work

November 29, 2005

With the massive Juelzsplosion here on ye olde FADER blog two weeks ago, it made this past week seem pretty quiet - What The Game's Been Missing! hit stores last Tuesday, but our internet was missing Santana. Time to rectify!

When Bandana Blam Hammers hit The Tonight Show on Thanksgiving night, we thought the postman uniform and the massive quotation-marked "A" chain were a turkey-based hallucination. But even we couldn't make up Lindsay Lohan ass-grinding on the prince of Harlem infront of a national TV audience. Get your internet game up and track down the clip. While you're surfing, check this Hip Hop Game interview with Juelz where he reveals that his next project will be a Ghostface collaboration (!!!), the All Hip Hop Q&A about his mom, dad and baby son, and this MTV News article with info on the next mixtape, Rehab. And keep an eye on your mail for the Happy Days-themed, "Mr Postman"-sampling "Oh Yes" video, on it's way...

Posted: November 29, 2005
Whistle While You Work