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Mixing Mister Hansen

November 30, 2005

Beck is back with a batch of goodies for the music-loving dudes and dudettes of the world. He just relaunched his website with all sorts of bleeps and whistles (content, too), he's performing live on Jimmy Kimmel this Thursday, and the VH1 Big In 05 show this Sunday, and best of all, he's compiled Guerolito, a collection of tracks from last year's Guero LP reworked and remade by the likes of Boards of Canada, Diplo, and (ex- Unicorns) Islands.

The disc hits stores on December 13th, but in the meantime you can check out some tracks from Guerolito here, along with the insane Hammer & Tongs dancing robot clip for "Hell Yes." (FYI, they are actual robots, no CGI was used in the making of the video.) As an even bonus-er bonus, we've procured a non-Guerolito remix of "Black Tambourine" by the South Rakkas Crew - released as a promo last year but currently unavailable - and have posted it up for your empeethree downloading enjoyment here (right-click and save-as).

Posted: November 30, 2005
Mixing Mister Hansen