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Hubba Bubble

December 02, 2005

Braving the 72-degree temperatures and rugged white sand beaches of Miami, your intrepid FADER culture vultures have been slogging away at it down here at Art Basel: Miami Beach, the annual showcase of art world super stars, young gunz and interlopers (uhm, that would be us).

Last night found us at the Deitch Projects opening (co sponsored by uhm, FADER) for Live Through This: New York 2005, an exhibition featuring artists from the book of the same name surveying New York art right now. Hitmaking Brazilian twins Os Gemeos and our favorite paper-shredding graf maven Swoon held it down on the ground level gallery but upstairs was where the great fun was to be had. And by “great fun” we mean, “A naked woman writhing around in a latex bubble, then walking around the gallery with her naked male companion, then painting herself white and himself black and then getting onstage to pull an American flag out of her bunghole.” Yes. Great fun!.

Plus there was art on display by family friends Hisham Bharoocha, Paperrad, Dash Snow, and Devendra B-hart, as well as some stuffed intergalactic Gumby figures, and the presence of fellow gallery hobnobbers George Clinton (not in a bubble) and our indubitable FADER photographer Liz Johnson Artur (also not in a bubble). So, basically our minds melted. And it was only the first day!

Posted: December 02, 2005
Hubba Bubble