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Put A Little Love In Your Heart

December 07, 2005

You know that dank, cob-webbed chasm on the side of your chest where your right and left ventricles used to be? You know what would fill that void with some sunshine and soul? How bout some altruistic holiday-season giving! Juelz knows what the game's been missing. LOVE AND KINDESS, DOG. So Santana, along with JA prophet Sizzla and up and coming R&B songstress Deemi, will be playing a charity gig in the B-X later this month to benefit Katrina survivors. Details after the jump, Scrooges.

The Christmas For Katrina Toy Drive & Concert Event is going down December 17th at Skate Key in the Bronx from 2pm-7pm. It's brought to you buy such big dog pit bulls as Toys For Tots and the American Red Cross. You know when the Red Cross is in the building it's fitting to be G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R. But in all seriousness, this event will benefit Katrina victims currently living in the greater NY area, with Juelz and Co. doing what they can to bring a little Xmas joy to those who don't have a lot to smile about this year. You bring 10 bucks and an unwrapped toy and you get to hear the "Mic Check." Life's full of trade offs. This is a good one.

Posted: December 07, 2005
Put A Little Love In Your Heart