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His Name Is Nicky, But You Can Call Him Dre

December 08, 2005

Andre Nickatina made a rare NYC appearance in NYC at Joe's Pub last night. "I don't care about any of y'all taking pictures," he said "but if you see a motherfucker with a video camera, elbow that motherfucker! People didn't give permission for you to be taping them! There could be fugitives here!" Flanked by his sideman, Equipto, the man sometimes known as Dre Dog ran through a set of his innovative and melodic underground bangers like "Conversation With A Devil", "Crack Raider" and "Ayo For Yayo", while a packed house of rabid fans and Bay Area expats in Giants hats and Raiders jackets shouted along with every word ("ALL IN MY NASAL, MUST HAVE BEEN CRAZE, YO...")

There's no telling when Nicky will be back to grace our fair city once again, but if you missed out, RapBay is ready to help you play catch up. We recomend starting with Conversation With A Devil and building your collection from there.

Posted: December 08, 2005
His Name Is Nicky, But You Can Call Him Dre