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Cringe-Set! Cringe-Set! Cringe-Set!

December 12, 2005

The Sunday Styles section of The New York Times is a favorite whipping boy of ours (trend reporting doesn't count when you only report on when trends have died, duders), and our biggest pet peeve is when their "A Night Out With" column follows musicians. The situation usually goes down like this: they corral an emerging rock band, put them in a wacky teenage-diversion situation (bowling, roller skating, drinking), one member of the band (usually the drummer) doesn't talk, the other members of the band disappear out of boredom, and that leaves the charismatic lead-singer to gamely offer one-liners.
So we proceeded with trepidation when we saw that this past Sunday the featured participant was Juelz Santana. During this edition Santana (and his nephew Young Ja) signed autographs at the Santana's Town store in Harlem, picked up some weed rolling material, and appeared on DJ Jazzy Joyce's radio show. And you know what? Shit was actually really good. It offered insight into the relationship between Juelz and Ja, the quote selection was focused, the details included were perceptive, and Big Joe made a cameo appearance. We would have given the article a giant diamond encrusted "A" had it not been for the atrocious headline: "Rapper In Da Hizzouse." Who wrote that shit, Eugene Levy?

Posted: December 12, 2005
Cringe-Set! Cringe-Set! Cringe-Set!