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Staring At The Radio, Staying Up All Afternoon

December 15, 2005

We usually enjoy our midday grilled veggie sandwich with the FM band playing Old School At Noon or New Wave Lunch, but instead of switching over to a Queen marathon via iTunage afterwards, today we'll be tuning our internet dial to Beastie Boys radio at It all goes down from 3PM to 5PM (New York City time), though we're not sure yet if they'll be playing nostalgia nuggets or their own EXCLUSIVES-CLUSIVES-CLUSIVES. Regardless, we're already trying to figure out how fit this TDK into our PowerBook's firewire slot.

(Beasties photo from sold out super collector's edition F23 by Dorothy Hong)

Posted: December 15, 2005
Staring At The Radio, Staying Up All Afternoon