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Check Up On It

December 19, 2005

To the person or persons at Sony Music responsible for commissioning Beyonce remixes: we'd like to offer you a truly heartfelt high-five. It's not for putting Bun B on the Pink Panther soundtrack version of already banging Beyonce/Swizz/Slim Thug collab "Check Up On It" - though we're definitely cool with that. Our props stem from making sure that weird and amazing tracks like DJ Gantman's Chicago juke house version of "Check Up On It" show up on the official singles. Y'all don't have to do that, but you do, and it's been on a consistent basis - from the Steely Dan via Peter Gunz remix of "Me Myself and I" (the electro Ghostface mix is not to be slept on, either), to the marching band horns on the remix of Austin Powers joint "Work It Out", which remains among our fave dollar-bin discoveries of all time. One quick bit of advice though: get all this shit on iTunes! Out of the slew of remade Beyonce heaters from the past few years, only the Adam 12 mix of "Crazy In Love" is up for download - which is great, just not enough.

(Fun fact: Adam 12 is now one half of Joy Division-inspired, Durst-cosigned goth pop duo She Wants Revenge. The other half is former rapper Justin "Season Of The Vic" Warfield, but that's a FADER editorial obsession for another blog entry...)

Posted: December 19, 2005
Check Up On It