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Don Caballero III

December 20, 2005

At the height of their powers Don Caballero were a tremendous spectacle of instrumental prowess.The Chicago-by-way-of-Pittsburgh band was the standard by which all other mathy, instro indie was judged. Don Cab dissolved a while ago, following the release of their swan song American Don, but now, like almost every other once-defunct band, they are back. Sort of.

Don Cab has signed to do a record with metal powerhouse Relapse Records. The catch is that this incarnation of DC features only drummer Damon Che from the original line-up. So the octupus-style beats will hold over, but gone are Ian Williams' liquid guitar runs (sounds like we're writing for Musician up in here!). Nobody is saying Che wasn't a major factor in Don Cab being rad. Never that. BUT! One dude? Does this mean the musical saw player from Neutral Milk Hotel can start playing state fairs under that name!? Truth in advertising, bros. Talk about it, be about it.

Posted: December 20, 2005
Don Caballero III