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Straight Up Menace

January 05, 2006

It seems like it was only yesterday when a young
Larenz Tate was capping crackheads and watching home movies of himself executing bodega owners as O-Dogg (one of cinema's great mentally unstable, gun-toting wildcards) in Menace II Society. Since then, he's wowed in Ray and...erm...Biker Boyz, but dude's latest part is something else. If there is a polar opposite to the O-Dogg character, Tate has found it - he's currently co-starring in the new CBS Love Monkey, which posits itself as a Sex In The City for men (rejoice, bros!) and also features the dude from Ed and Jason Priestley. The only upside to this is that CBS continues to raid the Menace cast for talent, plugging them into their progressive programming. MC Eiht! Get thee to the set of Cold Case!

Posted: January 05, 2006
Straight Up Menace