Tipping The Scale

January 11, 2006

Y'all know how we feel about the Ironman - levels of office anticipation for Ghostface's forthcoming Fish Scale can best be described as "ridonkuloid." So when we read about some producers who are slated be on the LP (Madlib? Really?) we couldn't stop there. Cue a whole bunch of asking, digging, pestering, procuring, etc, and what do you end up with? After the jump, the tentative tracklisting for Fish Scale.

There's no confirmation of Otis Jackson's involvement - but there were some tracks we didn't get production credits for. On that note, don't be salty with us if the final version turns out to be a little different: thats why it says tentative, folks. Having said that - "Bricks" featuring Biggie? Woah. Sure, it's just his verse from "Niggas Bleed" (and the track is prolly a Duets outtake), but still...

1. Shakey Dog (prod Lewis Parker)

2. Kilos feat. Raekwon (prod MoSS)

3. Be Easy (prod Pete Rock)

4. Charlie Brown (prod MF Doom)

5. Barber Shop (prod Studio Steve)

6. Big Girl (prod Ghostface)

7. Bricks feat. Biggie and Raekwon (prod Cool & Dre)

8. Dawn feat. Capadonna (no producer info)

9. Back like that feat. Ne-Yo (prod Xtreme)

10. Chunky (prod Pete Rock)

11. Wu Joint (prod MF Doom)

12. Clips of Doom (prod MF Doom)

13. Whip You With A Strap (prod J Dilla)

14. Dawn feat. Capadonna & Trife (prod MF Doom)

15. Rae & Ghost (no producer info)

16. Underwater (prod MF Doom)

17. Can Can feat. Shawna & Shareefa (prod Ghostface)

18. Crackspot (prod Crack Val)

19. Family Affair (prod Pete Rock)

Posted: January 11, 2006
Tipping The Scale